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G4F PROD is the first 100% VR Ready post-production house in France with the integration of new tools and workflows specifically designed for audio post-production in virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) projects.

G4F PROD now implements workflows and processes that have been developed specifically for interactive (VR apps) and linear (3D 360° videos) productions.

All the group’s sound studios can provide real-time previews on Oculus Rift and HTC Vive with a 360° video player. The sound editing and mixing tools also enable users to instantly switch between the binaural downmix on the headphones and to listen in a multichannel environment in the different studio spaces (object oriented mixing).

The studio has an exhaustive range of headphones: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Samsung VR, Sony PlayStation VR and Google Daydream, etc., and has also set up a green screen studio equipped with HTC Vive to test and produce VR promotional content.

G4F PROD has become an undisputed industry leader since it was founded 10 years ago, and has recognized expertise in video games sound integration with several hundred projects delivered on all the platforms on the market and new interactive media. It was essential for the group to surge ahead in video by integrating all the 360° editing and mixing solutions into the linear process. The workflows have been functional for a year now, and the first productions are being released, including the film about Diego Velazquez’s famous painting “Las Meninas” from production company Poissons Volants, which has already received an award (1).

Vincent Percevault, President of G4F PROD: “We’re now at the crest of the wave of virtual and augmented reality, and it was crucial for us not to be content with our know-how in real-time sound spatialization on the interactive app or simulator; we also had to integrate 360° video to process all the workflows demanded by these new and rapidly-developing markets. We’ve also been able to work on several industrial projects in augmented reality with Microsoft’s Hololens. We believe this is the start of a new era with lots of applications – these are exciting times technologically speaking, and it’s all to play for with new tools appearing almost daily!”

About G4F:

Created in 2008 by Vincent PERCEVAULT, the group is built around five departments focusing on specific activities:

  • G4F PROD (formerly known as Game Audio Factory) is a specialist studio in sound production and implementation, and one of the leading European companies in sound production for video games and interactive media.


  • G4F LOCALISATION is the French arm of the European Native Prime Group, specialists in multilingual translation, adaptation and dubbing (text and audio into 30 languages).


  • G4F RECORDS is a music publishing and distribution label specializing in music to image which publishes and distributes original soundtracks on all the music platforms on the market.


  • G4F TALENTS is an artist agency representing composers of music to image with a roster of specialist composers with complementary and diverse styles. If you’re looking for a composer for your project we have the perfect solution for you!


  • G4F SFX is a distribution portal for original sound libraries (SFX and recordings) for sound editors and sound designers.


  1. http://www.poissonsvolants.com/project/les-menines-de-diego-velazquez-en-vr/

For more info please visit: press@g4f.fr

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