Discover our cutting-edge studios

Our studios in Angoulême have various editing suites and three studios equipped with state-of-the-art technology to respond to any type of request, whether for video games, animation, broadcast media and VR productions.

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Studio A - Mixing

Studio A guarantees a true and nuanced playback of your mixes using Focal 5.1 Solo 6 monitors on a Grace Design monitor controller. The studio also has been specifically designed for calibrated playback (small room X curve with a Trinnov) for an optimized mix transposition in an auditorium or movie theater.

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Studio B - Mixing

Studio B is dedicated to editing and mixing, and is particularly suitable for mixing documentaries, corporate videos and adverts. The studio is ergonomically designed and with perfect playback using a 5.1 Focal CMS65 monitor system.

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Studio C - Recording

The studio acoustics have been carefully designed and are neutral to ensure recording in optimum conditions. In addition to narration, voice-over, post-sync and dubbing sessions, studio C is also equipped for facial motion capture (Gleam) with a professional green screen for filming interviews for integration in making-of and other promotional videos. It also contains all our VR tools (HTC, Oculus, Samsung, Sony, Daydream) for playtesting sessions and filming or photoshoots.

The modular configuration and multiple connectivity also enables us to transform studio C into a sound/image edit suite.

Studio D - Editing

Sound/image edit suite used mainly for digitization and archiving.

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Technical Hub:

This is the secure, air-conditioned nerve center of our operations. All the studios are connected to a gigabit network with remote control of the stations in this technical area which also houses our servers, NAS (network-attached storage), archive areas, workstations and any remote hardware that could generate noise disturbance in the studios.