6 June 2019 Back to blog
Warhammer Chaosbane

The new Hack ‘n’ Slash developed by the team at Eko Software is now available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One!

Warhammer: Chaosbane is an action RPG that takes place in the Warhammer Fantasy universe, where players select their hero from among four classes to confront the hordes of Chaos either solo or with 4 other gamers (local co-op mode or online).

G4F Prod collaborated with the game developers Eko Software, and publishers Bigben, to create the sound for the entire project, which includes the sound design, sound integration (FMOD & PopcornFX) and production of the soundtrack!

The sound score created by our team of sound designers reflects the chaotic and apocalyptic universe of the Old World, and we’re currently making some videos to present our work on the sound production. The game soundtrack was composed by Chance Thomas (composer of music for games including “Dota 2“, “Lord of the Rings Online” and “James Cameron’s Avatar“).

Here is a short message from Chance for all Warhammer licence fans:

“Warhammer has such a rich legacy. With so many fans around the world, and so many great artists contributing over the years, I had to step very carefully to honor the legacy while also contributing something new to the tapestry. Foremost in my mind was creating a music score that would instantly transport players into the game world. It had to feel like you were in Nuln during the reign of Magnus, about 200 years before the end times. It had to feel like you were actually battling the chaos horde. I hoped the music could capture something of the urgency, the terror, the nobility, maybe even the sheer desperation of fighting to save your own kin and country from extinction. The score’s theme carries the feeling of nobility and conviction from a storied past. The harmonies, palette, and rhythm conjure the anxiety and panic of the current desperate situation.  It was important to get a real orchestra and choir onboard as well. Nothing brings the emotional rain like the riveting, organic, overpowering sound of a great orchestra and choir!”