14 February 2017 Back to blog

Regalia: Of Men and Monarchs is pressing ahead with G4F Records to announce the release of the original soundtrack!

Following Regalia‘s incredibly successful Kickstarter campaign, the RPG developed by the Polish team Pixelated Milk is nearing its release date. In keeping with the game, the music for the OST was inspired by some of the greatest Japanese RPGs to convey the tension and immensity of this thrilling adventure!

All the music on the original soundtrack was composed by one of our composers, H-Pi. One of the stretch goals achieved by the Kickstarter campaign enabled the OST to be recorded by a full orchestra. The musicians in the Sinfonia Pop Orchestra brought H-Pi‘s imaginary scores to life, making the combat and universe of Regalia even more epic!

You’ll be able to spot some references that will be very familiar to players of JRPGs among these ten or so tracks in the OST!


You can now hear and download the OST to Regalia: Of Men and Monarchs on Bandcamp. The soundtrack will also be available soon on YouTube.