2 March 2012 Back to blog

We have had the immense pleasure to work on the French localization of the game.

The Gameloft team has done a tremendous job on this production, and it was a real pleasure for us to record the French voices with all the voice actors of the Film


French Version

Game Audio Factory
Vincent Percevault (CEO)
Guillaume Eluerd (Voice Director)
Fabien Bourbigot (Sound Engineer)

Casting – Actors
Benjamin Bollen (Tintin)
Patrick Bethune (Haddock)
Frédéric Van den Driessche (Rackam)
Guillaume Lebon (Dupont)
Pierre Laurent (Dupond)
Bertrand Liebert (Pilote1)
Jérôme Pauwels (Pilote2)
Veronique Alycia (Castafiore)
Philippe Morier-Genoud (Nestor)
Jacques Ciron (Silk)
Jérémy Prevost (Tom)
Michel Dodane (Mr Crabtree)
David Kruger (Allen)
Martial Leminoux (Divers)
Guillaume Eluerd (Divers)