7 March 2017 Back to blog

After a long gestation period, March 17th is now the due date for the first-born from dev studio, Gloomywood. The new mingles with the old here, offering us a real return to roots.

An interview with Samuel Safa, the composer of 2Dark, will be available soon, and will be a great opportunity to learn more about the creation of the soundtrack. Like the main theme track that combines a child’s voice, piano and music box, the album will plunge you right into the heart of the horror of Gloomywood.

25 years after the precursor, Alone in the Dark, Frédérick Raynal has resuscitated the survival horror genre, and in this challenging version you play Mr. Smith. Everything has gotten too much for the detective after the murder of his wife and the disappearance of his children. Depressed, seven years later he embarks on a descent into hell in the desolate town of Gloomywood, the town of choice for serial-killer kidnappers.

Infiltration is key in these eight levels with an oppressive atmosphere. But that’s not all… 2Dark will also demand your management skills: management of resources that are so valuable in survival horror and management of children. How do you move silently when followed by a gaggle of kids? How do you stop them from talking, crying and shouting?

2Dark was supported by a participatory fundraising campaign on Ulule, the French little brother of Kickstarter. The target of 30,000 Euros was exceeded in 2014, and three years later we’re holding Frédérick’s newborn baby!

The soundtrack will be available on Bandcamp, YouTube and all the streaming platforms.

But don’t forget to rescue the kids on March 17th!