21 November 2008 Back to blog

Firelight Technologies today released its popular FMOD Music and Sound Effects System for the iPhone platform. With this release, iPhone developers can now use the same high quality FMOD audio engine that is widely used throughout the games industry.

Brett Paterson, CEO says “We’re proud to bring FMOD to this exciting platform. FMOD is a natural fit for the iPhone with its support for sequenced music formats such as mod and midi, compressed samples and small code size. Users can keep it small, or scale right up to take full advantage of the microphone, 3D audio and suite of DSP effects that FMOD natively supports. Being conscious of the budget nature of iPhone development we are also releasing the API at a special iPhone price of $500 per title. This includes the use of FMOD Designer. By combining the power of the iPhone and FMOD we hope to see some really creative programs and hear some great sounding games.”

More : fmod.org