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Project: Song of Horror, developed by Protocol Games and published by Raiser Games.

Date: 2019

Platforms: PC

  • Full dubbing of the game in English.


Sound Engineer: Seb Crispino / Victor Ruelloux
Sound editors: Michèle Kopff / Victor Ruelloux / Edwige Livet
Voice direction: Douglas Rand

Douglas Rand (Daniel)
Elizabeth Wautlet (Sophie, Ariadne)
Barry Johnson (Etienne)
Hester Wilcox (Lidia, Masha)
Emilie Rault (Erica, Saul)
Goeffrey Bateman (Alexander)
Akil Wingate (Rene)
Jemma Wilcox (Julia)
Silvia Stahlie (Alina)
Margeaux Lampley (Grace)
Kester Lovelace (Omar)
Les Clack (Husher, Farber)
Paul Bandeys (Ernest)
Bibi Jacob (Berenice)
Patrick Albenque (LeGrant, Maxwell)
Hester Wilcox (Elayne)

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