16 February 2013 Back to blog

Hpi was teaching Sound Design for Mobile Applications and Websites at Limoges this week.


Licence Professionnelle Webdesign sensoriel et stratégies de création en ligne (Limoges University – France)

From sound basics (frequencies, volume, file sizes, formats and compression, effects with EQ, compression, limiter etc…) to sound designers technics, ‘know how’ and tricks, and finally an introduction to sound technologies developed in the video game field, with all the real time challenges.

Teaching is an exercise that most of us enjoy in the team, we love to share our experience, and preparing these sessions is challenging, you have to watch out all the last technological improvements on the market !

Next week, the GAF team is heading up west to the ENJMIN, for a course dedicated to sound engines and audio programming in the video game field.